Dylan Pinter was born with performance in his blood.  His mother and father met doing theater and went on to become successful working actors.  He grew up visiting the sets of various soap operas that his father and ste
p-mother starred in over the years.  The excitement and disappointment of the show business world was a part of Dylan’s world from the get go.  Although his father advised him to pursue a reliable business career, Dylan knew his heart was in acting.  He studied Drama at the Catholic University of America.  Upon completion of his degree, he performed with Longacre Lea Productions, a close knit group dedicated to breathing life to new, upcoming work as well as playwrights like Pinter and Stoppard.  Shortly after his run with Longacre Lea, Dylan moved to New York City.  He quickly gained representation with Bret Adams Ltd. and Artist Entertainment Agency.  He has had great success in his short time in New York; he’s starred in From Date to Mate, a mockumentary style dating show about Jewish singles in New York that airs on Shalom TV and has frequented as Charles on As The World Turns, finished a show in 2011 at Mass MoCA directed by David Levine, and has been consistently working on national commercials.  Dylan has always felt at home in front of the camera and on stage, and as long as there is a story to tell, he will want to perform it.